Allen Hainline

Having studied physics at UT Austin, I was fascinated to learn about 20 years ago about how finely tuned the laws, constants, and initial conditions are for life. It seemed remarkable that tiny changes relative to vast ranges of possibilities were necessary for the existence of life anywhere in the universe – and that many people were unaware of this evidence. As I studied this and other evidence years ago it helped me get past a period of doubts about God as I saw what I took to be clear evidence of design and purpose in the universe. The more I studied about fine-tuning the more convinced I was that life-permitting physics is rare among possibilities, which is widely accepted within the physics community. I also read many perspectives on how to best interpret these interesting facts, including a lot of confused responses. There is both a vast amount of information about the physics of fine-tuning and many widely ranging responses on what to make of it. This combines to make for an interesting blog and You Tube channel!

About my personal life: I am married to Rose, who is the perfect wife for me. We had 2 sons and 2 daughters, now all grown. I have a small company called Omega Software and work primarily in algorithm development for image processing applications, mostly AI related. I worked for a couple of decades in the commercial remote sensing field, being responsible for the algorithm team for the first high-resolution commercial imaging satellite, IKONOS. We then added support for GeoEye-1 and the Worldview sensors. I lead Reasonable Faith chapters at UT Dallas, Rockwall High School and at Lake Pointe Church.